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Scorpena Alpha, black

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Scorpena Alpha, black
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PDF User guide can be downloaded by clicking here

Scorpena Alpha is easy to use dive computer with an intuitive menu. The device has diving, freediving, spearfishing, training and Gauge modes. User can synchronize it with mobile devices (OS Android, iOS) using DIVE STORY application. This app keeps a dive log, as well as allows you to change the basic settings of the dive computer and update its software.

It is possible to set the depth of the start of dive registration from 1 to 3 meters. In this case the device automatically turns on and starts recording the water temperature, number and time of dives, rest time at the surface, as well as shows the greatest depth of the previous dive. In the freediving mode it is possible to switch on the timer directly under the water in order to record the static time.

In device settings you can set the time parameters, select the units of depth measurement, temperature and screen backlight level. It is possible to set which dive mode is automatically activated and after how long the device switches to the power saving mode.

Dive modes are equipped with sound and vibration alarms, which is an additional advantage of this device. The following alarms can be set: 5 depth alarms, 5 dive time alarms and 5 surface interval alarms. In the spearfishing mode the screen backlight and all alarms are automatically switched off.

Dive computer allows you to keep a logbook that registers the main parameters of the dives: depth, temperature, duration, time and date of all dives. In the training mode the parameters of the current dive are not being registered in the dive logbook. Also in this mode the sound and vibration alarms are disabled.

The device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (that can be charged via cable included in the set). Fast charging technology replenishes battery capacity by up to 85% in just 1 hour.

Dive computer is available in white and black and has impact-resistant tempered glass. The bezel and buttons are made of stainless steel.


Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese.

Weight of the device with the strap: 95 grams
Approximate dimensions of the device: length 6.5 cm; width 5 cm: thickness 1.7 cm.
Strap: length 7.5+16.5 cm; width 2 cm; thickness 0.5 cm.

Case material: composite
Bezel: metal
Buttons: metal
Glass: tempered
Strap material: silicone, metal buckle

Up to 100 meters

Modes: Diving, Gauge, freediving, spearfishing, training
Air & Nitrox: Oxygen 21% ~ 56%

Lithium-ion battery (300+ charge cycles)
Fast-charging (85% in 1 hour)

Battery life: in diving mode - up to 25 dives, in standby mode - up to 3 months.
Contents:: box, device, USB charging cable, brief manual.



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